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Organize, prepare, prepare and pack meals, elaborate or collaborate in the elaboration of the menus, receive the meals and other products necessary for the preparation of the meals, respecting the HACCP standards, in order to ensure a quality production and customer satisfaction. It also pre - prepares and stores the raw materials used in the kitchen service, ensuring the state of conservation of the same. Prepares the miseenplace of the service in order to make the meals.Confeciona the recipe according to the established menu, entrances, main courses and desserts, articulates with the service of the restaurant in order to make the requests of meals and collaborates in other types of service. It also cleans and arranges the spaces, equipment and utensils of the service verifying the stocks and controlling their state of conservation.


Cooking course

Knowledge in HACCP

First-year cook 3 years experience

Cook 2 nd - 2 years experience

3rd Cook - Freshly formed or 1 year experience

Good presentation, team spirit

Date finish: None

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