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At Sheraton Cascais Resort we care about a sustainable future

Developing healthy and sustainable practices that preserve the planet on which we live is a must for everyone, so the Sheraton Cascais Resort has created a set of initiatives that aim to reduce environmental impacts.


In the hotel:

Use of LEDs instead of conventional lights.

Individual electricity and water meters, by unit (by individual room and individual venues) we manage to organize our inventory and room allocations accordingly to our business needs. We can estimate the consumption by guest and by stay, so we can encourage the customer with special activities or offers, to promote energy savings).

Individual dashboard by room which allow us to maximize our system reducing energy consumption in our hotel rooms and public areas.

Our HVAC system has the ability to use the outside temperature to air-condition the building.

The AC is turned off automatically when the windows are opened.

All the property lighting is controlled by sensors or GTC.

All toilet flushes do not exceed 6 liters.

All the property windows have thermal glass.

External charging station for electric vehicles, promoting the use of this type of vehicle.

We provide and promote the use of electric bicycles, by having a partnership with a bike rental partner.

We are responsible for recycling all waste produced. These are forwarded to the duly separated competent places/entities.

We only use paper from companies with environmental certification at the Hotel and our offices.

Internal practices:

Our employees have an active role in social initiatives, namely the planting of trees or the association with universal movements such as “Earth Hour”;

We are part of the “Portugal Business Council Marriott” group, which, within various initiatives, aims to promote policies that benefit the environment.

Food & Beverage:

The option of biodegradable straws;
Use of ecological packaging;
Reduction of plastic bottles and cups.

Chef's Garden

Consists of 6 cultivation beds with self-irrigation, our Chef's Garden allows the planting of a variety of vegetables and herbs, throughout the year, according to their respective seasonality.

Main advantages:
• Saves time - The water tank ensures autonomy for up to 3 weeks;
• It produces more - Up to 50% more than a conventional vegetable garden;
• Easy to maintain - Reduces the risk of over-watering;
• Water-saving - Consumes up to 80% less water than a conventional vegetable garden.

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We respect the seasonality of our ingredients

Since seasonality is one of our concerns, planting rotation in our Chef's Garden is usually every 3 months.
Currently, our vegetable garden produces the following ingredients: onions, which make up our delicious mashed potatoes; French garlic, red and yellow beets and coriander that are part of all dishes that have mini vegetables; red and yellow chard and Kalista lettuce for our fresh salads.


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