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Wellbeing programs arrive at Sheraton Cascais Resort

Serenity - The Art of Well Being, one of the best spas in Europe, continues to innovate and has just launched three new programs dedicated to health and well-being - the Wellbeing Breaks - which will be available at Sheraton Cascais Resort, from now on of June 1, 2021.

Pampering Program, available for € 280, is perfect for those looking to recover their balance, relax, renew their energies and revitalize their minds. It combines five facial and body treatments, as a Relaxing Massage (50 '), a Hot Stone Massage (50'), a Thalgo Facial Hydration (50 '), a Gentleman's Tonic anti-aging facial treatment (50') and a Body scrub (20 '), from different healing traditions, with a range of activities to relax, restore energy levels and strengthen the immune system.

Holistic Program was designed to embark on a journey of pure relaxation, rebalancing the body, mind and soul with holistic healing therapies and revitalizing spa treatments. This option is available for € 294 and includes five very special treatments, such as a Thalgo luminous facial treatment (50 '), a  Ayurvedic massage (50'), a Shiatsu (50 '), an Indian head massage (25') and a Reflexology ( 25 ').

Third wellbeing break consists of a Detox Program, available for € 340, which combines several therapies, healthy cooking, providing an integrated approach to experience the “lightness of being”, while purifying the body, mind and spirit. The Detox Program includes a Detox Massage (50 ’), Slimming Massage (50’), Body reaffirmation involvement (50 ’), Detox body wrap (50’) and a Draining lymphatic massage (50 ’).

For a deeper and more complete experience, the three wellness programs can be combined with a stay at Sheraton Cascais Resort. Whoever chooses to acquire any of the three, without staying overnight at the Resort, can enjoy the treatments included in them on different days or have a day or two of intensive relaxation.

For reservations and updated information on timetables and availability of services, you can access our website.

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